Start up of the Early Learning Centre in Harare

About the project

This project focuses on the psychosocial (emotional, social, educational and spiritual) needs as well as providing food and a safe haven for more than 1000 orphans and their caregivers in Zimbabwe. The project was initially started to fulfil in the basic needs of these children living in the areas of Harare, Chivu, Mutare and Derembe. Since the start of the project the number of orphans have grown to 1170 (2020) and they are cared for by 365 caregivers in the aforementioned areas.

Pastor Bonface, the founder of this project, is seen as a father figure and a spiritual mentor for the children and together with his wife and the caregivers, they tend to the emotional, psychological and physical needs of these children. The project has grown over the past 16 years to be self-sustainable, and every child and caregiver receives food from the project every day.

There are currently 10 hectares of farm land under maize cultivation with an average harvest of 100 tonnes of maize per year. It is used as the mainstream food source and livestock sales are used to pay the children's school fees. 30 hectares of land is used for other agricultural activities like growing soybeans and vegetables. Furthermore, a pig farm has also been activated and there are currently 14 pigs to further meet the children's nutritional needs.


We want to support Pastor Bonface and his wife with the start up of an Early Learning Centre (crèche) for the children in Harare by:

  1. raising funds for the creche so that they can purchase the learning materials, stationery etc. that they need (see specific needs below).
  2. raising funds for the agricultural activities for the food programme that provides food for these children (see specific needs of this below).
  3. providing three workshops in the community- one for the children, one for the caregivers and one for the teachers .

Specific needs:

Pastor Bonface has started a crèche in a cottage at his house in Harare. The building has been recently built and completed. They have already acquired a lot of items necessary to run the crèche but still require the following items: .

What the building/infrastructure needs

  • Fridge x 1
  • Mattresses
  • Tables and little chairs
  • Toilets x 2
  • Basins x 2
  • Fencing
  • Playground material (22 sq meter area available)

Learning materials and stationery

  • Books
  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Syllabus from Educational Department

School fees

  • 8 dollars per month per child

Supplement salary of the teacher

  • 40 dollars per month

Agriculture and food programme in Mazoe

What is needed for the next harvest:

  • maintenance on the tractor, vehicle and farm implements.
  • diesel, seed, fertiliser and toxins.