Hello there!

My name is Maryke Smulders, I am a social worker,  and I am pleased to meet you!
I love to work with children  and families and my heart for helping those in need of support motivated me to pursue  a career in Social Work and subsequently specialise in Play-based intervention (play therapy and counselling). 

Throughout the years I have gained extensive experience working at different practices and institutions rendering Mental health and Psycho-social support in different settings,  including the countries:  South Africa, The Netherlands and Zambia.  This has given me great insight into the growth,  healing and recovery process and what it means to really walk alongside someone on this journey.  These experiences have also given me the opportunity to explore and diversity in my service delivery including; child and family focused services, individual counselling, group work programmes, learning support and remedial therapy programmes. 

In 2018, my  dream to start the play express was realised and since then have been able to create a safe environment for children and families to work through and overcome their social and emotional challenges.  the play express has also provided the platform to  do what I am most passionate about -  volunteering  my time to provide services to those who need it most and have no means or access to it, and supporting grass roots community projects.

I am looking forward to working together.