Parenting support

What is parenting support?

Parenting support is one of the most important components of the play express. It consists of feedback sessions with the parents after a coaching trajectory.

If there is need for a more personalised coaching and parenting support plan, this can be tailor made to the wishes of the parents. We invite you to contact the play express to discuss your specific parenting support needs.

A parenting support plan can be helpful when parents:

  • have a need for more insight and parenting advice on child rearing practices , i.e. how to discipline your child or how to run a household

  • have a need for better contact with their children or enhancing the attachment

  • want to learn more about child development

  • want to communicate more effectively with their children

  • need guidance on setting boundaries or creating a structure or routine

  • want to learn how to cope with the emotional and practical demands of parenting

  • want to develop skills and learn how to play with their children

Outline of the sessions

The tailor made parenting support plan will consist of an initial consultation session followed by coaching sessions. This can take place over several days or weeks, depending on the needs of the family.

the play express is also available for parenting support sessions through online platforms like Zoom, Skype etc.