the play express believes in empowering children and families with the skills needed to overcome their challenges and enhance their social and emotional well-being through the use of child coaching, play therapy, parenting support, the 7 ROSES empowerment programme and online services in a safe environment.

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Child coaching is a positive motivational approach aimed at empowering children and equipping them with skills they need to overcome the challenges in their lives.

Play therapy is a form of psycho therapeutic intervention for children, where play is used to help children when they are experiencing challenges in their socio-emotional development.

Parenting support provides parents with practical advice and skills to enhance the parent-child relationship and support their children.

The 7 ROSES Empowerment programme (Seven Recovery Orientated Survivor Empowerment Strategies) supports the recovery process of individuals/groups who have witnessed or experienced a life changing, distressing or traumatic event.

Online services including : parenting support, 7 ROSES empowerment and individual counselling via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, email or telephone are now available.

The Wise Eye Reading programme helps poor readers become better readers and good readers to become exceptional readers. Offering reading services from pre-school to adulthood.