Supporting community projects

A famous saying in Africa reads: "it takes a whole village to raise a child." The community plays a very important part in the growth and development of a child. A community can give a child support, a sense of belonging, a strong sense of self and a sense of connection.

the play express therefore believes it is important to share knowledge and to strengthen communities to connect with their children through play.

We support projects by:

  1. raising funds for their specific needs .
  2. providing informative workshops about the importance of play and hygiene promotion (promoting healthy practices such as hand washing with soap).

Read more about the projects that we are supporting below.

Southern Africa 2020

Cycling from Cape Town, South Africa through Namibia and Botswana to reach our main project The Early Learning Centre in Harare.

Presenting workshops to the Tjeko Uganda team on how to utilise play techniques when working with children.