Online services

the play express is currently operating as an online service provider.

The following can be provided as online services:

  • Intake with the parents/client (60 minutes)

  • Parenting support session (60 minutes)

  • 7 ROSES empowerment programme individual (60 minutes)

  • Individual counselling (60 minutes)

Please contact the play express to inquire about the tariffs for the above services and available packages.


If cancellations or rescheduling of an appointment are not made at least 24-hours prior to an appointment, the appointment will be fully charged.

Coverage in the Netherlands

Please take note that the play express does not have direct treatment contracts with municipalities "gemeenten" or with health insurers. Clients will have to pay the play express directly for any services rendered. the play express advises clients to inquire about financial support before agreeing to the proposed services or treatment.

Specific rules and regulations with regard to medical insurance coverage may apply to the different services offered by the play express and these are stipulated below:

Child coaching and parenting support

Child coaching and parenting support sessions do not qualify for any compensation with health insurers. However, when a child experiences psychosocial challenges and needs specific care or treatment (i.e. child coaching or play therapy), the Youth Act makes provision for special assistance from the municipality "gemeente" in the form of a Personal Budget (PGB) "persoonsgebonden budget". The social district team “sociaal wijkteam” from the municipality will determine whether your child is eligible for a PGB. Please refer to the website of the SVB "Sociale Verzekeringsbank" and please inform at your local municipality for more information regarding the PGB possibilities.

You can also inquire with the Dutch Revenue Service "Belastingdienst" whether the costs incurred for child coaching, play therapy and parenting support are tax-deductible. Costs for child and youth therapy can be deducted from tax return under the heading special medical expenses “Bijzondere Ziektekosten” insofar it was not reimbursed by the health insurer or any other authority. Please refer to the website of the Dutch Revenue Service “Belastingdienst” for more information.

Play therapy

Play therapy is not covered by the BIG Act, and as a result it is not included in the basic insurance package of health insurers. However, a number of insurance companies reimburse (a part of) the costs in their additional modules. This is usually included under the heading of “additive” or “alternative” treatment. It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to inquire whether their health insurer will fully or partially compensate play therapy services rendered by the play express. Please take note that play therapy treatment can also be compensated by a Personal Budget PGB (as mentioned above under the heading child coaching and parenting support).

In order to submit an inquiry or claim for partial reimbursement for play therapy treatment from your health insurer the following is required:

  • The play therapist needs to be a registered member of the NVVS.

  • The play therapist needs to be registered with a professional council (FVB) allowing more reimbursement possibilities.

  • Some health insurers require that the play therapist is registered with the RBCZ.

Take note that health insurers can set additional requirements, other than stipulated above, that a play therapist must meet before they reimburse/compensate the rendered services. Please contact your medical insurer to inquire what the specific requirements are.

Please refer to the website of Zorgwijzer, www.zorgwijzer.nl/vergoeding/speltherapie, here you will be able to see whether your health insurer reimburses/compensates play therapy services.


the play express is registered with:

  • Nederlandse Vereniging Van Speltherapeuten (NVVS) - The Dutch Association of Play Therapists , Registration no: 109719

  • Federatie Vaktherapeutische Beroepen (FVB) - Federation for Specialist Therapy Professions, Registration no: 109719

  • Register Beroepsbeoefenaren Complementaire Zorg (RBCZ) - Register for professionals in Complementary Care, Licence no: 190285R

  • South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) - Registration no: 10-33182

AGB codes:

  • Practice code: 90065820

  • Health-care practitioner code: 90106584